Returns Policy

We understand that at times customers change their mind about certain products or due to unforseen circumstances may need to return or exchange an item. Unleashed Wheels will be more than happy to assist in returning or exchanging your merchandise within 30 days of delivery. For purchase made within a holiday period, November 1st through Dec 31st, the return exchange period is extended to 45 days. Our goal at Unleashed Wheels is to make the purchase process as simple as possible but also make the return and exchange process just as simple. The following rules apply for all returns and exchanges.

- Damaged During Shipping: If you receive wheels that have been damaged in transit to customers destination Unleashed Wheels will cover all expenses and assure exchange is processed in a timely manner to avoid any downtown and reduce the inconvenience of our customers, exchange process is as follows for products damaged during shipping.

1. Document all damages immediately after receiving product

- Take a picture of the box and all of its contents, PLEASE DO NOT DISCARD OF ANY BOXES OR CONTENTS INSIDE THE BOX

- Open the product, inspect the product and take pictures of all damages

- Contact our sales team and e-mail all pictures to "" Subject: Damaged During Shipping: Order Number:"1234"

- Sales team will send a Label and schedule a pick up 

- Once damage package is picked up and scanned replacement product will be shipped

-. Returns and Exchanges: Wheel must NOT be mounted. Wheels that have been mounted will NOT be returned, please check the following prior to mounting:

1. Please check fitment prior to mounting

2. Wheel Finish: When purchasing replacement wheels please keep in mind that wheel finish will slightly vary on products with different manufacturing dates, it is common for certain finishes to be darker than others although the wheel color code is exactly the same, it is highly recommended for customers to purchase all 4 wheels together than purchasing one at a time.

3.  Wheel Blemishes: The manufacturing process of wheels has a direct result in the quality of the finish product, therefore Gravity Cast Wheels will have more blemishes then a higher quality wheel such as low pressure cast. Wheels with blemishes can be exchanged under the manufacturers warranty if the blemishes are severe and do not meet the quality requirements from the manufacturer. The warranty exchange for blemishes must be approved by the manufacturer as a warranty claim.  If you have any questions regarding the manufacturing process of wheels please contact one of our wheel specialist.

In low-pressure casting the method in which the metal is forced into the mold is the main difference/advantage over gravity casting and is absolutely controlled. It results in a low turbulence or turbulence-free mold filling with little to no corrosion. The molten metal in the furnace is in a closed container under protected atmosphere. Because of this the metal absorbs less hydrogen and any other impurities as well as the oxide formation being greatly reduced. As opposed to gravity casting, the metal surface is not interrupted constantly since it is been forced from under the metal surface. What you get is a very clean quality metal. This is the greatest advantage against Gravity Casting.

The advantages of low pressure die casting process include:
- higher yield achievable
- reduction of machining costs
- excellent control of process parameters
- good metallurgical quality
- leads to an optimal use of the aluminum
- excellent mechanical and technological properties of the castings
- Low porosity rate
- Denser material which results in a lighter wheel to be able to achieve the required load rating
- Low process variations 

Gravity cast wheels have a high porosity rate, high absorption of impurities, less dense material which results in a heavier wheel to be able to achieve the required load rating and very high process variations which leads to more defective units.

The main advantage of low-pressure casting is a clean metal and a nearly controlled manufacturing process. When you have a process under control you can nearly eliminate all sources of variations that lead to defective products. All of these equal to an overall higher quality product, a stronger and lighter wheel of much better mechanical properties and less defective PPM which results in wheels that are harder to bend, are not out of round (no balancing issues) and are significantly less prone to crack issues.

4. Wheel and tire packages are not refundable

5. Custom Orders are not refundable (Ex. Custom Powder Coat, Wheel Re-Drill, Blank Wheel)

6. Accessories must be in new condition with original packaging

7. Tires must be  brand new and cannot be driven on

8. Suspensions kits that have been installed are not returnable, any manufacturer defects will be covered under the manufacturers warranty process

- Shipping and Re-Stocking Fee

1. Returns must be approved by Unleashed Wheels by submitting RMA, Click here to obtain RMA form. List of fee's are as follows:

- Shipping to the customer is non-refundable: $120 - One way

- Return shipping must be paid by customer, please contact our Sales Team for return shipping address, address will vary based on wheels purchased

- Re-Stocking fee of 20% will apply for returns

- For orders being cancelled when product is in transit, customer will be responsible for shipping both ways, please keep in mind that an additional fee of $35.00 will apply for any rejected packages on top of return shipping cost and cost of shipping to the customer, it is best to accept the package, inspect the package and contact our sales team to document any damages during transit to customers destination.

- Customer is responsible for damages for all returns. When returning wheels please purchase extra protection and/or insurance to assure wheels are not damaged in transit, Unleashed Wheels reserves the right to reject packages that have been damaged and/or returns not approved by RMA.

Fitment Guarantee

Our wheel experts are here to assist our customers in purchasing products that will properly fit their vehicle, if our wheel experts recommend a product that does not fit the vehicle as it was intended to we will return the product with all expenses paid by Unleashed Wheels, the following rules will apply for fitment guarantee.

1. Must select "Request Fitment Guarantee" at checkout and include make, model, year and/or contact our sales team

2. Fitment guarantee must be approved prior to product being shipped, CUSTOMER CANNOT REQUEST FITMENT GUARANTEE ONCE ITEM HAS BEEN SHIPPED, NO EXCEPTIONS

3. Must be an exchange for the correct specs, if there is an additional cost for the correct specs customer will be responsible for additional cost to upgrade. Ex. From 19's to 20's

-  If the correct specs are not available we will cover all cost, if the correct specs are available but customer wants to return, shipping to the customer will not be refundable.

4. If fitment guarantee comments require Fender Roll and/or Stretch Tires customer must complete all fitment requirements for fitment guarantee to be approved for return/exchange

5. Fitment Guarantee Coverage Overrides the following return rules:

- Custom Wheels: Any custom wheels that has been ordered with fitment guarantee approval is returnable with expenses paid by Unleashed Wheels as long as the wheels are NOT MOUNTED

- Wheel and Tire Package: Wheel and Tire packages ordered from Unleashed Wheels with fitment guarantee will be returned at the expense of  Unleashed Wheels


For all orders completed through you will receive an automatic e-mail containing a copy of the invoice for your purchase, this e-mail is systematic, incase you do not receive the invoice please double check your email address or check junkmail folder. Orders are processed in the order they are received, if the order needs to be modified please contact our sales team as soon as possible prior to product being shipped, once product is shipped Unleashed Wheels Return policy will be fully enforced, preferred method of contact will be Phone, it may take a sometime for our representatives to read an e-mail requesting a change in order and that time the order might have already been shipped, it is very important that customer contact us to over the phone in order to make the necessary changes before product ships out. Please allow 5 to 10 business days from order submission date to receive your product, if you receive an E-Mail with order status "Contact Us" please reach out to our sales department because we need some clarification on your order, below are several reasons for "Contact Us" status:

1. Wheels may be Out of Stock, if product is out of stock it is highly recommended to place a pre order to be guaranteed the product in a future date, wheels are very large items with high shipping cost, with the amount of variations in specifications it is common practice in the wheel industry for suppliers to dropship the product to the customer. Dropship refers to the method of shipping merchandise from the warehouse of the manufacture to the delivery address from the customer of the selling dealer.

2. Can be a problem with delivery address

3. Can be an issue with product blemishes

4. Fitment Guarantee clarification

5. Other issues that might need further clarification from the customer

- Please note that when order is under "Contact Us'' the order will not proceed and will be placed on "Hold" status until our sales team reaches the customer.

- Chargeback: We understand that at times customers involve their Credit Card Company and/or PayPal to assist in resolving disputes. We ask all of our customers to please contact our sales teams to assure we can attempt to resolve all issues prior to involving a third party. A simple phone call can help resolve and clear up a lot of miscommunication and disputes.

Buyer: By Completing Payment you agree to Unleashed Wheels Terms and Conditions

Please contact our sales department toll free at 877-377-4229 or local number 858-777-9778

6. Pre-Orders are highly recommended for products that are in high demand and/or new upcoming releases. Pre-Orders must be paid in full, pre-orders can be cancelled at any given time without any charges or penalties as long as the product has not yet been shipped and/or customized.

7. Free Promotional Items are first come first serve and are based on availability

International Orders:

1. Buyer please check for Custom Fee's and requirements before making international Purchase.

2. Please contact sales team for international shipping quote

3. Payment for international orders have to be made with Wire Transfer

Please Check all information for accuracy before making Payment-

Payment Pricing & Promotions

- Promotional items will only be honored during the time of the promotion, any exchanges of wheels to an item that was on sale at the time of purchase will be honored to all of our customers. Inventory is first come first serve.

- Clearance items are first come first serve, No returns or exchanges on clearance items

- Accepted Payment Methods: Visa | MasterCard | Discover | American Express | PayPal | Wire Transfer 


Unleashed Wheels welcomes all dealers to our wholesale program, we offer competitive pricing. Please Contact Us directly to set up your wholesale account. Business License and/or Re-sellers permit is required for the wholesale program.