Rotiform R120 SPF

Rotiform R120 SPF - Monoblock Cast Wheel 

The R120 SPF is a cast aluminum wheel from Rotiform. This current wheel's completion is Matte Black and Gloss Silver Machine with a one year guarantee. There is a lifetime underlying guarantee on this wheel.

The Monoblock series is a line of excellent one-piece cast wheels made utilizing the most recent low tension projecting innovation. This cycle guarantees further developed mechanical properties like thickness and strength when contrasted with wheels that are made by gravity projecting. The monoblock wheels have a decreased weight which upgrades your vehicle's presentation. They are an ideal spending plan amicable move up to any OEM wheel in any case in case it's a minimal expense or extravagance vehicle. Monoblock wheels are ensured to supplement your vehicle's styling and improve execution.


  • 1-Piece projecting for most extreme toughness
  • Made utilizing current low-pressure projecting innovation
  • Wear-safe completion for a superb look that keeps going
  • Impeccably adjusted for further developed execution
  • Lip size will shift contingent upon the size of the wheel
  • Diminished weight