Ferrada Wheels

Ferrada Wheels | Deep Concave | Form and Function

At Ferrada Wheels our goal is to create a wheel with a balance between Form and Function but also deliver a rim design that is truly Deep Concave offered in a Staggered Wheel setup to target American Muscle such as the Ford Mustang. At Ferrada the goal is to offer concave wheels made for premium cars and keep our loyal customers. Our customers ask, Are Ferrada Wheels Good? The answer to that question is absolutely Yes! Our engineers take pride in developing a high quality cast wheel meant to not only increase the curve appeal but to perform on the track. By purchasing Ferrada wheels at our store not only will you be receiving a premium from a reputable company but they also come with a free set of TPMS sensors. What if i have fitment questions? our wheel experts are here to help, reach out to one of our wheel experts and we will guarantee the fitment and no responsibility to our customer. Ferrada wheels released the FR series as the introduction to their wheel brand, the FR series has been extremely successful to the Ferrada wheel brand and they have now expanded to multiple countries to offer these amazing designs to the world. The newest addition to the Ferrada Wheel line is the new Forged-8 Series. The Forged-8 Wheels line up from Ferrada are flow-forged wheels meant to be durable, and light weight perfect for track days at an affordable price.

Are Ferrada wheels great quality? Absolutely, Ferrada wheels have 3 different structures, Low Pressure Cast, Flow Forged and Forged Monoblock.