Ferrada F8-FR5

Ferrada F8-FR5 | Deep Concave

Ferrada Forge 8 series the FR5 is the first launched model of the new Forged line from Ferrada Wheels. The FR5 not only is it stylish with its deep concavity but it is also light in weight for performance and extremely durable, this is definitely a perfect balance between form and function. Ferrada wheels offers fitments for both Euro, domestic and Japanese vehicles in both staggered and deep concave squared set ups. The FR5 is available with a tire package which includes free mouting and balance but lets not forget a free set of TPMS when purchasing a full set. The FR5 wheel was engineered to perfection, and with the close attention to detail from Ferrada wheels the competition cannot come close.   

Available Diameter:

19 Inch | 20 Inch | 22 Inch

Available Finish:

Matte Black with Gloss Black  Lip | Machined Face with Chrome Lip | Matte Bronze with Gloss Black Lip