ESR Wheels RF1 | Rotary Forged

When purchasing wheels, forged is a term that not only reflects quality of a wheel but it also is a reflection of the wheels company, it shows premium, a well-crafted product. The RF1 has met all and has exceed all expectations from being a forged wheels but above all it has been priced affordably opening a new market of consumers for forged wheels. ESR Wheels not only have they delivered on premium quality Low Pressure Cast wheels but introduction of the Rotary Forged and the new custom 3- Piece forged wheels has taken this brand to the premium category, the RF1 wheel from ESR is a superb wheel and it is offered with Free Shipping.

Available Diameter:

18 Inch | 19 Inch

Avaiable Finish:

Hyper Black Titanium | Matte Black