AG | Avant Garde Wheels

AG Wheels | Avant Garde, Balance Between Form and Function

When you talk about real wheels the first company that comes to mind is AG Wheels. AG wheels also known as Avant Garde, leading the industry for over 40 years of experience with aftermarket wheels, engineered using the most advanced rim technology available to date. Wheels at AG are not just wheels, they are treated as a form of ART, ART treated and manufactured with the high quality standards in the wheel industry, Super cars need to have the best of the best and it is only delivered by AG Wheels. 

The designs made by AG are made to order, with vehicle specific fitments wheels such as the Avant Garde M510 even the mass produce line up from AG that is manufactured both in High Quality low pressure cast and Rotary Forged the concavity is maximized without compromising form over function. One of the earliest designs that are still in product is the Avant Garde M220 with the combination of Matte Black finish, that wheel set the tone for AG Wheels.