Aodhan DS08 | Deep Dish | Free Shipping |

AodHan DS08 | Deep Dish | Free Shipping 

The Aodhan DS08 wheels are the latest wheels from Aodhan, using gorgeous dual-phase forging technology to provide a clearer design and look better overall. This dual split 5-spoke provides a very clean and elegant appearance, while also providing a Japanese sports wheel style. The face is concave and more aggressive on 9.5 and 10.5. Chrome rivets are plated on silver and bronze surfaces, and gold rivets are plated on black surfaces. Comes with a high-quality low-key flat color matching center cover. This wheel is decorated with double step lip, which is a unique design you can't find elsewhere. Admittedly, this is one of Aodhan's favorite designs, and we like their development in the direction of things.

Available Diameter:

| 18 Inch | 19 Inch | 

Available Finish:

| Silver Machine Face | Gloss Black with Gold Rivets | Bronze with Machine Lip |