Vertini RFS1.8

Vertini RFS1.8 - Tesla Model 3

Vertin RFS1.8 | Rotary Forged | Built To Order

The RFS1.8 wheel is made utilizing the freshest and most recent German assembling process that uses compressed rollers to extend the wheel to the ideal particulars. By doing this we can accomplish a lightweight multi-talked wheel with satisfying feel and forceful fitments for European, Asian, and American made vehicles.

Our Vertini RFS1.8 wheels are worked to arrange, cooked explicitly to your vehicle. The RFS1.8 will be accessible in Dual Black, Dual Bronze, Brushed Silver and specially designed varieties to our clients determinations.

Available Sizes: 19 Inch | 20 Inch

Available Finishes: Dual Black Brushed | Dual Bronze | Silver Brushed